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Commercial Window Tinting

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Solar Gard Silver 20Commercial window tinting is an excellent way to provide an elegant look to your office building, retail store, hotel chain or restaurant regardless of architectural design.

Our commercial window films are available in a wide variety of colours, shades and performance levels enabling you to coordinate the film to the building's interior or exterior for a more contemporary look.

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient heat rejection means improved comfort
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%
  • Block 99% of UV light to help prevent fading of your furnishings
  • Control glare to improve visual comfort for screens and monitors
  • Enhance Building Aesthetics
  • Increase Safety

Choosing the Right Product

Stainless Steel: Neutral grey in appearance that complements most exterior finishes and colour schemes where an unobtrusive, non-reflective appearance is important.
Solar Bronze: Popular on buildings with brown trim or siding where heat rejection and/or glare control are important but a silver appearance is not acceptable.
Silver Film: Silver Film is used where maximum heat rejection and/or glare reduction are critical, and a reflective silver appearance is acceptable. Solargard's Silver films give the most bang for your buck, but some people do not like the silver appearance.
Gold Film: Gold film is used where heat rejection and/ or glare control and/ or a reflective appearance are desired, but a silver or bronze appearance is not acceptable.
Low-E Silver: Low-E silver films are used where conservation of interior heat is also important.


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